About Us

Delta Tax Service is a dba (“doing business as”) name for Delta Network LLC, a Texas limited liability company owned by Edward Michal, a resident of Dripping Springs, TX.

Delta Tax uses Drake tax preparation software, one of the most respected among tax preparers and accountants, according to an annual survey by the National Association of Tax Professionals.

We chose the name “Delta” for our company because delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolizes the concept of change in science and mathematics. Given the breadth and depth of change in the U.S. Tax Code each year, “Delta” is an appropriate name for a business that aims to help you not just cope with, but anticipate, tax law changes and their impact on your personal finances.

Why Choose Delta?

Delta Tax Service proprietor Edward J. Michal is an Enrolled Agent, authorized to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, with over thirteen years of experience preparing individual federal and state tax returns.  He has saved his clients thousands in taxes and can help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Delta Tax Expert Addresses ISCS Annual Meeting

Edward Michal, EA, of Delta Tax Service, Dripping Springs, TX, addressed the International Society of Communications Specialists at its annual meeting in Dallas, Texas, in 2012 regarding tax issues. Subjects he talked about included:

1) What it takes to prepare a business tax return;
2) Types of tax advisors;
3) Schedule C issues;
4) Tax Return Do’s;
5) Tax Return Don’ts;
6) Tax-Saving Strategies;
7) Independent Contractors; and
8) Forms of Business Organization.

Ed spoke for about an hour and a half. Mr. William Becker, President of the ICSC, expressed his appreciation to Ed for coming up to Dallas to provide this in-depth briefing.

If you are interested in obtaining a speaker to update your group’s members on key tax issues, give Ed Michal a call at 512-858-7110 and ask if he can provide a briefing.